Tree planting family


I posted this earlier today…but it didn’t seem to work. So I’m trying again.

Today before lunch, the girls joined SuSu and Papa for a tree planting next to the house. Just before we arrived in Swaziland, my mom put one of her avocado seeds into water for it to take root. It did…which is quite amazing. The seed splits in half and then a tree and roots just grows straight out of it. The avocados are much larger here, so the seed is also pretty big. The girls have their own seeds they started several weeks ago. They likely won’t be ready to plant before we leave– but Auntie Jenene here will take care of them once we leave.

As part of the planting, we made this little highlight video…it’s 50 seconds long and you can see the plant growing out of the avo seed.

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  1. Great experience for three precious girls with long-lasting results! This weekend we had a family reunion in Florence, AL, and some of us spent a little time at my late mother’s house. (She died while we were in Swaziland in 2007.) Audree, my nine year-old granddaughter took home in a plastic cup a 10-inch tall baby oak tree lovingly dug up from her Great-Granny’s hillside. She’s planting it in a special spot in her Sherwood, AR, yard. She named him “Ralph” after the Great-PawPaw she never knew.

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