African 4th of July


Yesterday was the 4th of July in Swaziland which means…nothing here. Just another regular day.

It seems like many of you in the USA had fun celebrating and seeing fireworks. We luckily did not even have a fire. I guess that makes it a great day!

One of the things I brought with me from home was some seeds. I have been a little worried that if I bring seeds from the other side of the world I might cause some sort of world problem or something. Ya know, how you can’t even get through customs with fruit from another country. I did make it home last time…all the way to my home in Abilene, with some PB&J sandwiches made right here in Swaziland, but that is a different story.

Yesterday the girls and I decided to plant some bluebonnet seeds. I mean it was the 4th of July and I am from Texas. I have no idea if they will grow here, but I thought it is worth a try. Last year when we were visiting Swaziland Brad’s parents and our girls planted an avocado tree together. They started the tree from an avocado seed they had sprouted. You can read about that and watch a video here

We decided to plant our bluebonnet seeds around the avocado tree. The package said to plant them in spring, but the weather is so warm here it is like spring. I figure they will get watered as we water the avo tree and we will see if they come up.

And, if they do come up, maybe one day all the Carter girls will go down in history for bringing bluebonnets to Africa. Like Ladybird Johnson. I can just see it now!

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  1. Rachel, I am getting such a kick out of your blog. I do believe that you and the girls will go down in African history for bringing bluebonnets to the continent of Africa. Continuing to pray for you and your family.


    • Carolyn, I’m glad you are reading our blog, but now you will know how crazy we are. But I guess you can laugh about us too! Take care.

  2. We missed spending the 4th of July doing our usual fun, hot, sweaty, crowded, late night “stuff,” but glad you made some attempt at remembering this special day. Would love to see both the bluebonnets and the avocado growing when we get there….someday!
    Love & hugs to all!!

    • Mom, we missed you too! Not the sweaty stuff, but the rest. We have a top bunk waiting for you. You know we would LOVE to have you! We talk of you and pray for you both each day. Today I told Annie to put on some pants and she said she did not want to wear them because Grandaddy gave them to her and she did not want to get them dirty. How could I argue with that? Love you!

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