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I Did It


Funny, true story.

Before we moved to Swaziland I was doing some research about homeschooling and some other interests of mine.  I came across this blog of this lady that was from Texas and was living in Swaziland with her family.  She homeschools and her kids are involved in things like ballet and piano.

I was so happy to find this because I did not want to move here and feel like we were so isolated from the rest of the world besides what happens on our campus.

I began reading here posts and eventually commented to ask where her kids take lessons.  I know, like who is going to answer a question like that.  I’m sure I seemed like a crazy person or something.

Well, just as I expected, I got no answer.  I actually did not really know how to tell if I got an answer because I don’t usually comment on blogs.  The blog had not been updated in a while so I just figured maybe she did not keep up with the blog…because I have a few blogs I have started and not kept up.

On Sundays we go out to eat.  We usually go to the same place each week.  It is located in a “nicer” part of town where more “American” type people shop.  Okay, not just American’s, but Europeans and such.  I have thought many times (maybe based on something I read on this lady’s blog) she might frequent this part of Swaziland and how I would just look for her.  It really was just a passing thought, but a thought.  I mean, it is not that hard to notice a white person in Africa.

Well, as we were sitting having our lunch yesterday, I looked up and noticed she was coming in with her family.  I know, I sound like a stalker.  I told Brad he would not believe this, and then went on to explain all this to him.  I really wanted to go talk to her so I could find out where her kids look lessons.  I just did not know exactly how to start that conversation.

“Hi, do you blog?”

“I think I know you from somewhere.”

“Excuse me, but….”

After much debating and encouraging from Brad (even begging that he would just go ask her) I finally got up enough nerve to go over to her table and strike up a conversation.

I’ve noticed that since arriving in Swaziland, I have felt the need to start a conversation with “I know I’m crazy, but…”  So, I just went with that and kept on going.  (I REALLY wanted to find out where her kids got lessons!!!)

She probably thought I was some crazy lady.  She did inform me she had commented on my question on her blog, I guess I just did not figure out how to know.  And, she was really sweet.  We are now facebook friends (that says a lot right) and she has been so helpful in giving me some contact info for some people.  There is a group of homeschool mom’s that meet together too.  I’m looking forward to making other connections.

So, while I was inside making a fool of myself, my kids were outside on the playground playing with some kids that were from Dallas, TX.  They told me all about the conversation they had with them…finding out where they were from.  Pretty cute.  I did not tell them about my conversation.  And in case anyone is concerned, the place we eat every week is not a fast food restaurant.  They have playgrounds even in some restaurants here.  One of the reasons we choose this place to eat.

So, I did it!  And I’m glad I did even if I did seem a little crazy!



Storm Damages


I sat down to write about the big storm that we had here on campus a week or so ago and realized Brad had already done a gret job on the African Christian College website.  Please read here and there are lots of pictures too.

I quick overview is a storm cam through unexpectedly on a Tues. evening.  It caused a great amount of damage and left us without electricity or water for 4 days.

We have been very busy since then trying to get things back in order.

Our internet continues to give us fits.  It makes blogging difficult which is why I have not been updating the blog lately.  I have tried several times…but then I just walk away frustrated.  Maybe someday it will get all figured out and work the right way.

We are doing well.  I’ve got several things to write about to fill you all in on what has been going on (besides the storm, because life does go on).  Stay tuned for coming posts…internet willing!

We miss you all and are thankful for the kind words of encouragement we receive.  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

She Gave Me a Fright


Today just before lunch I was busy making banana bread with Ellianna. As we were working, the door opened an in walked Caroline with blood coming from her head, pouring down her face and all over her hands.

She had been out playing this morning and I did not have any idea what had happened. It totally freaked me out. She immediately started crying and we ran to the bathroom to clean up. She told me she had hit her head on a window. The windows open out here and so there are sharp edges and corners. They are just the right height for bumping heads (for some of us anyway).

We ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up and for me to check her head. I sent Ellianna to go find Brad, who was in the library, and he came rushing home. We got Caroline settled down and Brad held her as I worked on getting her cleaned up. Ellianna was sweet to get her a wet towel to wipe her face and a drink of water. (In the meantime Annie is screaming bloody murder about something, but I think she was just worried about Caroline.) We put some ice on her head for good measure.

Even after knowing she was okay, it still made me squirmy. All that blood from a cut on her head! Caroline has had a lot of mouth injuries, but I have not had to deal with bleeding head injuries yet. Not fun! The whole time I was worried I was going to have to take her to the doctor…which is something I REALLY fear here. I am so thankful it turned out to be much better than it looked!

She seems to be okay and does not seem like it really bothers her. Hopefully she will watch out for those open windows!