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What A Day


This is a busy week for our family and for ACC as well. Finals started today and Thursday is graduation. There has been lots going on and lots will continue to go on for the next few days.

Today the girls helped me around the house. I made a list for us all and we actually got a lot done. One of my big jobs today was to wash all our clothes. It has been rainy the past few days and things were beginning to pile up. Remember, rain and a clothes line do not mix. So, today was the day! I almost got it all washed. I probably had 4 loads done and hung out…then I heard the thunder.

I did not rush to get them off because it had been a nice morning, a little hot and it was not suposed to rain today…I checked the weather. A few minutes later, I think the sky about fell out. It was the biggest, fastest, downpour! I ran out to try to get my clothes. The girls ran out to help me (although I wonder if it was just an excuse to get out in the rain). No, really, they were a big help.

We finally got all the clothes in and the wind started blowing hard. Water was coming in through the open windows and door on one side of our house. We rushed around closing windows and getting the water cleaned up off the floors.

I went in to start lunch. I had made some dough for rolls and we were going to have BLT’s…cause that is what I had. I got out all my stuff to cook the bacon and had just finished putting the rolls on the pan to rise when I realized what was going to happen. It’s raining. I’m in Swaziland. The electricity is going to go out, of course. So I immediately turned on the pan for the bacon and took my rising rolls out of the oven so I could preheat it. A few minutes later, and half way through the bacon cooking, it happened. The power went out.

I’ve been told if it stays out for more than 5 minutes to call the electricity company. I was watching the clock like a hawk. I gave them a call, and thankfully shortly after it came back on. I’m not sure if there is something to that or not…but it’s interesting.

Got the lunch cooked and we ate. And it was good!

We were planning on going to a local organic farm this afternoon and so were some of our friends. I rushed out after lunch to re-hang my clothes on the line and hopefully let them dry. It only actually rained for about 10 minutes before the sun was shining again. Got them hung on my line and I even had to borrow a clothes line from the Roundhouse which is where I go when I fill ours up. We headed out a little late, but were finally on our way.

Before we left our friend told us to call him when we got into town. They were going to meet us in town and follow us to the farm because they had never been before and did not know where it was. As we were getting into town I pulled out Brad’s phone to call and he did not have enough phone time to call. No problem, I would just send a text, I thought. Not enough time to do that either.

Things are a bit different here, but you can just buy phone time from these people selling it on the street…and they are everywhere. Had to stop to buy time just to make a call so we could connect with our friends…who had been waiting a long time by now. Just as I got them on the phone, after some failed attempts at connecting, I look up and we are just passing them from where they are sitting on the side of the road.

We finally made it to the farm. It is always good to be there, but the tour was really long. We were tired and hot and THIRSTY! We decided to just grab a quick bite to eat on the way home because Brad needed to be back. We stopped at place number 1 and it was closed. WE went on to place number 2. Sat down, got our water and waited for the menu. The lady working brought a slip of paper with three choices. Little did we know they have a "special" on Monday nights. After a small disucssion we decided we needed to not eat there. I did not want to leave, but I knew the girls (and I) would not eat the food and it was a little pricey and I did not want to pay for something I knew they would not eat. So, I kindly told the lady we would be back sometime when we could choose some other things. We excused ourselves and headed towards the car. We decided to make a bathroom stop before we left since we had been at the farm and did not know where we would wind up. (There are not always toilet options.)

I took Ellianna and Annie to the toilet. Somehow while E was in the stall, the lock got stuck and she got locked in the bathroom. I was trying to coach her through the door, but I did not really know what the lock was like in her stall. After she tried and tried to get in unlocked without any luck, I began searcing in my bag for things I could slide under the tiny crack under the door. A pen and some coins were all I thought might work. I eventually left her there for a minute to keep trying while I took Annie to the car and told Brad what was going on. I mean, it’s not like someone could take her…she was locked in the bathroom.

I returned to find she was still not able to get the door open. I decided I was going to just laugh about it because that was all I could do. I was standing on one side of the door and Ellianna was trapped on the other…in a restaraunt…that we had decided not to eat at. Yep! After doing all I could do, which was pretty much nothing, I asked E if there was a window in her bathroom. I went around the building to the window where I could see in her stall. I wanted to look at the lock. By this point the lock was still locked, but part of it had fallen off, but just the part you turn not the part that would unlock the door. I could not see any way for E to unlock the door and after much trying I just told her to climb out the window. Thankfully the toilet was right below the window. I was standing in the bushes and ready to get her once she climbed through. I still wonder what the guards in the parking lot were thinking.

Okay, finally back in the car and on our third place to eat. Pretty much everything was closed by now, it was dark and we were just ready to be home. We stopped in for a quick pizza. Ha! Nothing is quick! We ordered, our pizza and water and waited. There are these flying bugs here that are everywhere and they were swarming the place. I am trying not to scream, but really not liking the fact they keep flying at me. I’m just not really a bug person. They finally brought our food, but no drink. After we each had a few pieces and they had still not brought us our water I went and asked again for some water. Just a moment later a lady brought our (empty) glasses to the table and very nicely set them around for us. I was expecting her to bring the pitcher of water next, but she never came back. We kept thinking she was getting water from the backor something, but no one seemed to be getting water for us. We decided to just go buy a drink we could share because we were so thirsty! Just as Brad was getting up she came with water and told us she completely forgot.

Just about this time I realized my clothes were still on the clothesline. It is bad news when you leave them on the line past dark, especially when your line is right by a light. By the time we got home our clothes were covered in all kinds of bugs! Brad wins "husband of the year award" a few times over for getting them all off the lines for me. I’m pretty sure I would have just left them. So, guess what my big job is for tomorrow? Washing all our clothes, of course. Not a big deal, I tell myself. No, problem. I can do it! Then I check the weather for the week. Thunderstorms EVERY SINGLE DAY…until we leave. Pretty sure I’m just going to use a dryer!

But, now I have had a shower, my kids are in bed and I am heading there soon and tomorrow is a new day! Still lots (of laundry) to do, but hopefully tomorrow will go better, or at least be more uneventfull.

I plan to start packing for real tomorrow because we leave here on Saturday. Which means only 6 more days until I see my family! I’m really excited, but pretty tired.

Today I might just be most thankful for windows in the bathrooms in Africa! What are you thankful for?