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One Year


Yesterday, May 15, marked one year from the day we got on a plane and moved our family to Swaziland. (It also marked 10 years from the time Brad’s parents moved to Swaziland.)

It is hard to believe it has already been that long. In some ways the time has flown by. There are some days (like when I REALLY want Mexican food) that it seems like we have been here for-ev-er.

We have learned SO much in the past year and we certainly have a TON more to learn. We’ve been changed in ways we recognize and I’m sure in ways we don’t yet see.

I thought about some kind of a list of things we have learned/experienced/done but that just does not even seem to do justice to the experience.

I guess all I can really say is that we are richly blessed and thankful for this opportunity. We feel we have been called to this place for this time and it makes me really happy that we even enjoy it too! It is hard to put it all in words. If you have ever lived in another country or been in a place completely different than your home, maybe you understand. The world is so much bigger than just YOU (ME), or the people and places like you and me. And I love that!

Like I have said before, we really appreciate your support and encouragement along the way! We are blessed by each kind word, thought, prayer, package, or visit (hint, hint)! We are thankful for each of you that cares for our family. Some days are rough, but it is comforting to know we are loved and not forgotten. Thank you!

So, here’s to another year of life in Swaziland…

Happy Mother’s Day???


So, today is Mother’s Day. I know many mothers are being celebrated around the world on this special day. I know I am thankful for my Mom (who is around the world), and thankful I get to be a Mom. I really love getting to be a Mom.

This day makes me happy. I have already received several Mother’s Day notes, a bracelet made of thread and pom-poms, and there are more surprises waiting for me for later. I’m so thankful for the little hands that have prepared some special things for me. I’m thankful for the hearts behind the cards and other handmade items. I’m thankful!

However, on days such as this, I am also painfully reminded of those that are hurting and whose hurt may be intensified on days like today.

I think of those near and far, those who’s hurt is recent or those who have struggled for years, even those who have gone on before us.

I think of mother’s around the world who long for their children who died too soon. For those mothers who are going through life alone and have, what seems, an impossible task of raising their children alone. I think of mothers who have and are trying to protect their children from war and other horrible things that ravish homes across the world. I think of the men out there raising their children without a wife, who so desperately wish their children had their mother. I think of those who have no mother or father to love them and care about them, and how that must hurt. Even for those that long to be a mother and have not been blessed with a child. I think of those that had a wonderful upbringing, but their Mom is no longer in this world and they miss them terribly…everyday, but especially today. I think and I remember.

So, it pricks my heart a bit each time I hear or see the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day”. For many, the world is all right. For many others, it’s just not!

I pray for those of you that may have an extra hard time on this day. May you be filled with strength and peace. I pray you will feel loved and special.

So, as I take in this day with all it has to offer, I also reflect on those whose hearts are in other places.

Blessings to you all!

Jumbled Thoughts


I guess the title of this post is what you get when you keep meaning to write a post, but you just don’t sit down to do it. That has been me lately.

I keep thinking of these things I should be writing about and then a few more days go by and then so much happens in between it all gets to be a mess.

That might be what this post becomes…a mess.

Brad has been teaching since January. It is good and challenging at the same time. A few weeks ago we were able to get a way (thanks to the King’s birthday) and spent a couple days in Kruger.

We always enjoy going and usually get to see some different things and lots of things we’ve seen before. This time we got to see a pack of wild dogs. They are so ugly! We took a lot of pictures, but honestly have not even had a chance to look at them yet. Maybe someday we will post a few.

Lately, I have found myself really missing home. I found out while we were at Kruger (in the same hour) that my sister had a baby and my Dad has cancer (again). It was a rough week being so far from home and wanting to be there to help however I could. Because of some other health concerns my Dad was in the hospital which meant my parents were not able to travel to be with my sister as originally planned. It was tough being so far!

My sister had a beautiful baby girl named Grace Anne and I can’t wait to hold her in my arms! She is super lucky to have a family that loves her and wanted her so much. I’m so thankful my sister now has four healthy children, and my girls have a new cousin!

Maxwell, our dog, is surviving. He is actually a really good dog, but I can’t say I love him yet. He is cute, but he is still a dog. I am trying hard and I say nice things to him (to help me have positive thoughts) and we are getting along for the most part.

Max is funny. He makes us laugh. He is so scared of so many things, but he tries to act tough. I’m not sure if it is just a puppy thing or it is his personality. We read all about Jack Russell’s and how hyper they are and that many people think they are a terror, but he is not really anything like what we read. He really loves to just be close to someone. He likes attention, but mostly wants to be around us. He is a good dog.

Last week, Brad’s parents returned to Swaziland for a few months. We have been looking forward to their return and are so glad to have them here. The girls really love it! I’m pretty sure Annie has been at their house more than she has been here. She comes home for meals and I will ask her what she has been doing. She just tells me “following Susu around”. I’m thankful for the time they all get to spend together.

There are always a million things I think of writing about and then they seem to slip away. I’m sure I will think of them in the wee hours of the morning, but for now, here is a little about what is going on, just to let you know we are still alive.

Winter is close to being here. We have had to get out the heavy blankets a time or two already.

We are thankful and blessed in so many ways!