Monthly Archives: June 2013

Max the Man


Today was a big day for Max. He became a man. Or maybe had his manhood taken away!? Anyway, whichever it was he was castrated (as they call it here).

Not long ago we were talking to a friend who works with animal welfare here in Swaziland, and she recommended we get him fixed. She told me he was getting to be a little aggressive (this was after a walk with some female dogs) and that if we took care of this it would help him to calm down. She also told me if we waited he would begin to mark his territory IN OUR HOUSE. That is all it took for me! I was ready to sign on the dotted line right then.

So, today was the big day. We took him in this morning, went to eat breakfast (oh, yeah) and went back to pick him up. He has been pretty much knocked out ever since. He is just lying on a blanket on the floor, and kinda shaking. You would be too, right?

At some point after we got home, while Brad and I were out of the room, Annie somehow messed with Max and he bit her pretty good on both hands and her leg. She was bleeding, and of course blood always makes everything look worse. I’m hoping now the kids will know they should REALLY listen to me about just leaving him alone for now.

Hopefully he will be on the mend soon and back to his usual self…or maybe even better.

In other unrelated news, we went on a little vacation last week with Brad’s parents and I hope to have some time (and internet cooperation) to post some pictures soon. We had fun, but more on that later.

We are doing well. Winter came to Swaziland on Sunday afternoon and it has been pretty cold since then. The past couple days have been sunny so the afternoons are nice. It might be extra hard to get out of bed in the winter here because it’s cold and we don’t have heat. Somehow we have managed each day. But, showers do become less frequent…just sayin’.