Monthly Archives: July 2015

Communication Fun


My oldest daughter told me about this over lunch today. It made me laugh and I thought it would be a funny story to remember one day. Here is the conversation.

E: Caroline and I were speaking in Pig Latin a few days ago at the playground. I thought it would be funny to tell the other kids (meaning the campus children) it was called Oinker Latin. So now that is what they call it. I told them we learned it in America.

Me: Oinker Latin. That’s funny.

E: Yeah. But somehow they got a little confused and now they think Oinker Latin is the name of the language we spoke when we lived in America (instead of English).

Me: (laughing hysterically). That’s REALLY funny!

Always fun times trying to figure out each other’s cultures!!

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


THIS! This picture! This is one of my favorite pictures. This picture means so much to me. Two years ago, when my Dad was very sick and I was not sure our family would make it from Swaziland to Houston, I really wanted to tell my Dad that we loved him very much. I’m not sure how it came about exactly, but we use the sign language for I love you a lot. So, I decided our family was going to gather up and take this picture and send it to my Dad. Someone was there at the hospital with him and they could show it to him so he could see his girls and be reminded how much we loved him (and Brad too!). Nice idea! But really hard to pull off. I’m not sure how many tries it took me to dry my tears and be ready for a picture. I know I’m smiling, but my heart was breaking.

This picture. So much has changed since this picture. Many things change in two years. However, there are SO many things that have remained the same. Love, memories, faith, family, joy, life. I cherish the memories I had with my Dad. I’m so thankful for his life and example. I’m thankful my girls got to know him and that he loved Brad (maybe almost as much as I do). I’m thankful for the treasures I have tucked away in my heart that comfort me and bring a smile to my face and sometimes tears to my eyes.

This picture. This day. Lots of emotions! Today I remember a great man, my Dad, and a life well lived!