Monthly Archives: January 2016

Sweet Caroline Turns 10


Today was my sweet Caroline’s 10th birthday! How fun turning 10! Double digits! A decade of a life worth celebrating!

Caroline was born in Abilene in January. Actually, she was due on Christmas Day, but decided to stay inside 13, as in THIRTEEN, more days! That is a loooong time when you are the pregnant momma!

I was thinking today, as we were melting away on this hot summer day in Swaziland, many kids are born in a particular season and often have a birthday party according to the season. Like Caroline, who was born in the winter, most winter birthday are winter type things, like the snowman party we once had. Same with summer birthday parties. Many are centered around summer type things.

But, when you move to the other side of the world, you get to experience the opposite season for your birthday. All of a sudden your birthday that falls in the dead of winter is now smack in the middle of summer. Just another part of this life we live.

I’m really thankful God gave Caroline to us! She is kind and helpful and a super great kid! I’m thankful she gets to experience birthdays on both sides of the world and that we get to be a part of it with her! We love you Caroline!