Monthly Archives: May 2016

4 Years to Celebrate!


Today, May 15, we celebrate moving to Swaziland! It’s sometimes hard to believe it’s been 4 years already. Some days it seems like we are still so new here. Other days it seems like we have been here forever.

We had plans to celebrate eating a big meal out at a favorite place today. However, because of some unforeseen circumstances involving at least 3 members of our family, we celebrate by buying, well…um…two-ply toilet paper! Like the really soft kind with cute little puppies on it! It’s super soft and wonderful!

This change of events kind of reminds me about winding up in Swaziland altogether. I guess when life throws you a curve ball, you have to change things up a bit. Who knew we would ever call Swaziland home? But, that is what it is for us now.

There is so much that comes to mind when I start to think about 4 years. In about a month my youngest will have lived more of her life in Africa than in America. This is not exactly the life that we had “planned”, but I’m pretty sure it’s better than anything I could have planned. It is eye-opening, unpredictable, good, hard, humbling, sweet, meaningful, lonely, fulfilling, beautiful, far from family, frustrating, shaping, full of wonder, exciting, amazing and thrilling. There are so many parts of all of us that are different because we said “yes” to this crazy adventure! I’m so glad we did!

So today, we celebrate soft toilet paper and all! I continue to be so thankful for God’s mercy and protection for our family, especially these last 4 years in Swaziland! Through the ups and downs God has been with us through it all! We have much to celebrate!