Friends, Not Just Guests


We have had a fun and busy couple of weeks here in Swaziland! This is one of my favorite times of the year because we are blessed with guests on campus. Because of the ACC school schedule, during the American summers, we have visiting lecturers come from the USA to teach in our 2 week terms. It is always a blessing for our students to be in class with these wonderful teachers and there is so much to learn!

However, these “guests” are not just “guests”. They are friends! Friends we have built relationships with in the past. Friends we look forward to spending time with, eating together, sightseeing, visiting, learning from. These are the kind of people that help to strengthen our family and our spirits. They are a listening ear, and breath of fresh air, an understanding heart! They’ve encountered similar situations and know what it is like to live abroad.

These past two weeks have been a time of reconnection, growth, adventures, sharing, love and so much more! I’m so thankful for all the gusts that come to ACC, but there is just nothing like having friends come to visit (even though I know they are not just coming to visit us)! We are grateful for the energy, passion, dedication, support and life they bring!

As we said our “see you laters” this morning (which is always hard to say on both sides), I stood feeling so full! Charles, Mark and Roxi you are a blessing to so many! Thank you for the ways you have touched our lives, in this season, as well as in others! Thank you for caring about us and our girls and the ways you truly show it! Thanks for giving of yourselves and your resources to shape the lives of others!

Safe travels on the rest of your journey. We are looking forward to being together with you all again!

Much love from the Carters

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