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Because, Why Would I Want to Forget?


Right now, I’m riding a bus from Austin to Dallas. As we stopped for a 15 min break a little while ago, where I took advantage of the facilities, I was reminded about a story. A true story that happened to me on our recent trip from Swaziland to the States.

On a particular trip to the facilities on the plane, it must have been a bit bumpy or something. As I was figuring it all out, in what is a very small space on an airplane, somehow, just as I was about to, …ya know…, my elbow accidentally hit the call button.

I realized I had done this as soon as it happened, and before I had started, …ya know…, going.

Almost instantly, the male flight attendant was pounding on my door asking if I’m ok. It’s really loud at the back of the plane and inside the bathroom so neither one of us could hear very well. He continued to shout through the door as I am shouting through the door that I’m ok and it was an accident.

Somehow, as he was shouting, as if in a real state of emergency, and as I was considering if I needed to pull my pants up, I understood him to say push the button again to turn it off.

Well, pushing it again only makes it ding again and pushing it a few more times, ya know, to make sure you didn’t just miss something the first few extra times you tried to turn it off, DOES NOT WORK.

So, here I am. Big decisions to make. Obviously, neither one of us were communicating well through the door. He was still shouting while I was beginning to get a bit flustered.

Just seconds after I decided it might be best to just pull my pants up until things calmed down, the bathroom door opens! From the outside!

The man was very respectful and finally made it easier for each of us to be heard! I assured him I was ok and it was an accident.

Finally, after all the drama, I was able to accomplish my goal in peace.

Then I had to come out…

Watch your elbows in small spaces and know this…your door is only kinda locked!

Happy traveling!