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2 For 1 Special


Our family has been settling back into life in Swaziland for the last couple weeks. We have finally gotten over the jet lag and have been blessed with cooler than we thought summer temperatures. Can’t complain about that! Every day that is cool is a gift and we cherish it!

We have enjoyed getting to be back with our ACC family and feel so thankful we have family on both sides of the ocean. Each side feels like home.

On Saturday morning as I got up to make breakfast I put on a pair of flip flops and walked to the kitchen. I noticed that between my big toe and the one next to it it was very painful! There was a bit of redness, but not much to see. I had broken a jar the day before while wearing the same shoes and thought maybe somehow a piece of glass got into my foot. After checking several times and not seeing any cut or anything I kind of ruled that one out.

Not too long after my unexplained toe pain, I noticed I had a pain near my groin area on my thigh. It also hurt really bad. I’ve had lymph nodes swell in different areas of my body before and figured it must be that. I knew it hurt, but didn’t think the two were related. But, I knew they were both weird!

Fast forward a few hours to before lunch and I suddenly got the “I need to lie down” feeling. I made it through lunch, with out much appetite and immediately headed for the couch. No headache, no stomachache I just ached all over. It was all very strange.

Sunday, I felt better. Not great, but I went to church and attended a wedding immediately following it. (Read: We sat in our chairs for 5+ hours. Y’all, that’s a LONG time!) We left, got some lunch and headed home with just enough time for a quick nap before church again. I felt like I could have just slept the rest of the day and night.

I don’t really remember that evening, but we were all pretty wiped out. Monday morning started our Orientation at ACC. New students and lots to do! I went to the morning introductions, but still was not feeling well.

If you know me well, I’m not one to go the the doctor if I can help it. I am very thankful for doctors and know there is certainly a time and place for them, but try to do as much natural healing as possible. However, I was feeling so poorly and not really getting better and something in my gut told me I needed to call and get an appointment.

I spoke to the dr by phone and she told me it sounded like tick bit fever! So, off I go to research what I can do about this at home. It was clear through my research this can be a very serious illness and I wanted to do all I could to keep off an antibiotic! What to do? My appointment wasn’t until Wednesday morning so I decided to do as many natural things as I could before then. I pulled out all my “natural” stash and began downing all the vitamins I could get down! Including sleeping with an onion tied to my leg at night!

Now, for all you skeptics out there, I do think the vitamins were helping! I think I would have been much worse had I not been taking them and trying so hard. However, I swallowed the fact that I wasn’t getting over it. And I wanted to be over it with no serious complications.

Monday night we had all the first year students and their families and several staff members over to our house as we do every year. It was a nice time to get to know people better, but I felt TERRIBLE!

Tuesday came and sometime during the day, Brad showed me a bite he had on his side. We have had a ton of mosquitos in our house and have all been getting eaten up at night. Thankfully we are not in a malarial area. I thought maybe it was just an extra big/uncomfortable mosquito bite and just told him to put something on it.

Brad had a meeting that night and I was already in bed when he came home. He talked about that spot again and I just grabbed the best essential oil I could reach from my side of the bed and told him to put some oil on it. He did and went to sleep.

When I got up the next morning, thankful it was finally my doctor appointment day, he told me he thought he had the same thing I did. I couldn’t believe it. How was that even possible? He had the same pain in his groin area too! I insisted he go to the doctor with me because he did not want to wait as long as I had.

Luckily he was able to get some appointments moved around and we headed on a date to the doctor! The most romantic date ever!

After seeing the doctor she did decide that somehow we both have tick bite fever. We got our happy little antibiotics and got back home as quickly as possible.

Thankfully Brad seemed to catch his early and I’m praying he does not get super sick from it. I am still feeling pretty rough. She said it could take a while to recover, but I’m hoping that while will be a quick while. I tire out very easily and am pretty useless, especially by the end of the day when I begin to get chills and such. I’ve had a fever the past two days, but I’m hoping it is just my body’s way of getting the toxins out of my system!

I’m thankful I decided to go to the doctor and thankful for the meds to help get over this! I’m thankful for the sweet girls I have and the ways they are able to help me when I am not well. I’m thankful for a sweet husband who is trying to take care of me even though he does not feel well either.

Some of you may remember last January when Brad got so sick and had to be in the hospital for a week. We are hoping this is not going to be our January routine!