A Mad Dash


It hasn’t even been a whole week since our family arrived back in Swaziland from a fast and furious trip to the States! Seems like we’ve been back for weeks, however.

This year African Christian College is celebrating 50 years and we went to host some celebration events in the USA. We hosted 4 events in different areas and it was great to get to see so many people from so many places.

Our friends, Justice and Tsitsi, traveled with us and spoke in many places too.

Out of the five weeks we were gone, I slept in 13 different beds and a few different couches! Our travels took us to Paris (on the way, but we didn’t get a bed), Houston, Oklahoma, Kansas, Malibu, Albuquerque, Austin, Abilene and back to Houston.

It’s always an interesting time coming back to the States. We enjoyed the time we got to spend with family, though brief, and are looking forward to many more friends and family joining us in Swaziland in September to celebrate the ways God has been working at ACC for the past 50 years!

We are still settling back in, have guests on campus, and trying to get back to our routines. We are thankful for the opportunities God allows and are continuing to strive to serve Him no matter where we find ourselves!

Thanks for all the encouragement for our family and support of our work at ACC! It means so much!


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